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Vietnamese TikTok Influencer @bavaboi Is Everyone’s Happy Pill

ATC | Vietnamese TikTok Influencer @bavaboi Is Everyone’s Happy PillCredits: Nguyen Hai/Facebook

Vietnamese Influencer @bavaboi and her daughter is the funniest duo on Tiktok.

Who is @bavaboi?

@bavaboiBa gì mà kì cục qúa đi thôi huhuhuhu ##bavaboi ##tiktok @annhien_boiboi♬ nhạc nền – BavàBối

Nguyen Minh Hải is the father of Boi Boi. He is a fashion designer who specialize in wedding dresses in Vietnam.

Minh Hai said he just wanted to use TikTok to record lip sync videos with his children. To his surprise, her daughter was so good at lip-syncing matching and acting hilarious.

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A post shared by Nguyen Hai (@annhien_boiboi)

Boi Boi is the daughter of Nguyen Minh Hai. When she was only 5 years old, Boi Boi became famous on social media platforms when she started lip-syncing with his father. They attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers from the netizens.

Boi Boi is now 7 years old and in 2nd grade.

@bavaboi’s Fame on TikTok

@bavaboi currently has 1.3M followers on TikTok, 44.5k subscribers on YouTube, and 52.6k followers on their Facebook page.

The bond between Hai and his daughter captures the heart of the netizens. Their light-hearted videos help their viewers to release stress and fatigue.

The father and daughter pair participated in the game show “Dad is number 1”, Boi Boi’s father has “captured” the hearts of the audience by their comedy skit. In addition, both of them also showed their chemistry when leading in consecutive rounds, eventually winning the first prize.

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