Understanding Video Marketing and Its Common Forms

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This is a crash course on video marketing and its common forms. You may not realise it, but, video marketing is making an even bigger impact in the business scene than you think. In our previously published article about social media marketing trends in 2021, you’ll learn that video content was all the rage last year and will continue to flood the web this year.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing, from the term itself, is a type of marketing that promotes a product/service or conveys a message to your target audience using videos. The concept of video marketing has been around for a while. Who would have known about a decade ago that videos, which were solely for entertainment at the time, would grow to become a powerful selling tool? Think of video marketing as an advanced and digitalised form of television advertisement.

Common Video Content Forms

Here are some video marketing forms that you’ll find in various platforms that marketers are using for businesses and sample videos that you could check out.

Short-Form Videos

The social media age has given the elevator pitch a whole new meaning. With thousands of posts flooding our feed, content creators are given a 15-60 second window to get users hooked on their micro-video. These short-form videos as seen on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are dominating the internet because they capture the attention of the users who are simply breezing through their feed and not looking for anything in particular.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Vibrant motion graphics leave a lasting impression and sometimes resonate better with the audience because of bright colors, unique animated characters, and simplified text. This is also a good alternative to videos involving real people if actors and crew are not available.

Live Stream

Huge platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, allow creators to broadcast videos in real time. Live streams may consist of huge events being documented, influencers unboxing and reviewing products, or even sellers showing and auctioning their merchandise. An experience like this gives the audience a sense of involvement when they participate. But this format is only effective if the content creator already has a solid following to earn a huge number of attendees.

Educational and Instructional Videos

We all looked for ways to stay productive during quarantine and attempted to learn new skills. We know you are equally guilty of looking up educational videos during lockdown. A ton of instructional videos for recipes, DIY projects, and even math lectures surfaced in the past year. Marketers have used this opportunity to introduce their products/services that followers could purchase for their own projects.

More video formats will likely emerge in 2021. Even the current ones will evolve after app development and updates. But one thing is for sure. Video marketing is here to stay. Business owners and influencers should grab this opportunity while it’s hot.

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