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The Ultimate Airline Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

ATC Influencer Marketing | Thailand Influencer Paigunna collaborates with Eva Air

Ever wondered what a great influencer marketing strategy could do to your airline brand?

Airlines leverage greatly on digital marketing campaigns. This is especially so with most of their customers stumbling upon their social media marketing posts that lead them to search for flights and eventually book a ticket.

Boosting social presence aside, airlines must be strategic in deploying such campaigns. These campaigns must go beyond a customer’s one-way or roundtrip travel.

One fool-proof way is through an influencer marketing strategy tailored fit for your Airline brand. In this article, we’ll look at the airline influencer marketing strategy of Eva Air and how it proved to be successful for the airline brand.

Tried and tested Influencer Marketing Strategy for Airline Brands

Besides well-run social media pages, Eva Air also bolstered its digital marketing plan with an influencer marketing strategy. The airline turned to influencers to increase brand awareness and promote their new Bangkok-Vienna route. For this endeavour, they enlisted the social media content creation expertise and high-profile influence of Thai couple and travel influencer Paigunna. The couple maintains a prominent blog, a Facebook page with more than 650,000 fans and an Instagram page with more than 63,000 followers.

The Ultimate Airline Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand | Asia Travel Club
Paigunna’s blog at
The Ultimate Airline Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand | Asia Travel Club
Paigunna at the Hofburg, an imperial palace located in the heart of Vienna. Image courtesy of Paigunna.

Tasked with promoting the Bangkok-Vienna route, travel influencers Paigunna focused on showcasing what the city has to offer. Moreover, they filled their blog and social media pages with stunning photographs of the sights, scenery and mouth-watering food that await tourists in Vienna.

Paigunna’s posts about the charming city of Vienna garnered more than 1,700 likes on Instagram and more than 800 social actions on Facebook.

The couple also zeroed in on promoting the Eva Air. On their blog, they went into the fine details of the aircraft they boarded. The couple raved about the features and the many conveniences on board.

The Ultimate Airline Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand | Asia Travel Club
Photo courtesy of Paigunna.

Once ingrained in fan’s minds, fans will remember the remarkable trip brought about by Eva Air. Fans can even use this as a future reference for more trips ahead.

Take Your Airline Brand to New Heights!

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