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Yuan Skincare Live Selling in partnership with Beauty Influencers


Yuan Skincare is taking the Asian Beauty Community by storm. Influencers Rachel Wong (Singapore), Jessica How (Malaysia) and Trần Hà Bảo Ngân (Vietnam) broadcast a Live Selling event in partnership with the brand. Watch the full live videos below.

Live Selling for Skincare Brands

In collaboration with beauty influencers from across Asia, Yuan Skincare hosted a live selling event to promote its all-natural skincare products. During the event, the hosts talked about the products’ ingredients and the amazing wonders they do for the skin. Among the many oriental ingredients featured in the products, one of the main herbs they discussed is Mugwort, an ingredient possesses a natural soothing herbal scent and helps with relieving skin problems like eczema, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections.

The live video sales event gave fans an opportunity to interact with their idols and also gave them a chance to voice out their questions about the brand and its products.

Trần Hà Bảo – Vietnam

Beauty influencer Trần Hà Bảo (@ngan.thbn) from Vietnam has a 5.5k following on Instagram. She partnered with Yuan Skincare in a live selling video which has already amassed 4.1k views.

Rachel Wong – Singapore

Singapore fitness influencer Rachel Wong  (@rachelwongggg) has 38.8k followers on Instagram. In the Shopee live selling event, she shared the benefits of mugwort. The video garnered 1.1k views to date.

Jessica How – Malaysia

Jessica How (@jessica_how_xoxo) is a beauty influencer, emcee and model with from Malaysia with 4k followers on Instagram. The live video acquired 382 views.

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