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Men’s Biore Malaysia’s Raya Campaign and Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Mens Biore Raya

For Raya, Men’s Biore Malaysia has decided to go with influencer marketing as they launched their Raya campaign with TikTok influencers. This influencer marketing on TikTok was named #RayaNampakMacho. This campaign was a TikTok contest where participants had to upload a creative Raya TikTok, showcasing any Men’s Biore product. To leverage this campaign, Men’s Biore Malaysia engaged with six young TikTok influencers all over Malaysia.

Take a look at their announcement post on TikTok here.

@mensbioremyMeriahkan Raya anda dengan peraduan #MensBiore #RayaNampakMacho! Terma dan syarat: Selamat mencuba! 😘♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

What is influencer marketing?

When a brand collaborates with an online influencer to market its products or services, that is called influencer marketing. Sometimes, collaborations under influencer marketing are less evident as brands purely involve influencers to improve brand recognition.

What Men’s Biore Malaysia has done is influencer marketing on TikTok, where all their collaborations are with TikTok influencers.

TikTok influencers involved

  1. Ahmad Akid (@akiddos)

Influencer marketing on TikTok often times involve collaborations with big followings. Ahmad Akid is a great example as he definitely has what it takes to gain the spotlight on TikTok. He has garnered an amount of 1.6M followers meanwhile his Instagram account is now being followed by 783K accounts.

Watch Ahmad Akid’s video here.

@mensbioremy@akiddos memang #RayaNampakMacho kan? Cepat join peraduan #MensBiore #RayaNampakMacho untuk berpeluang memenangi RM3000 duit raya 🎉♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

  1. Aniq Suhair (@aaaniiqqq)

Many have known him due to his participation in Hero Remaja 2020. Being one of the finalists, Aniq Suhair has proven to be an asset to influencer marketing on TikTok. He is an actor, a model and a YouTuber. He has 131.3K followers and 252K followers on TikTok and Instagram respectively.

Aniq Suhair’s TikTok video can be found here.

@mensbioremyJangan lupa untuk ikuti peraduan @mensbioremy #RayaNampakMacho! Tamat 6 Jun ini ya! Ada RM3000 untuk dimenangi tau! 💰 @aaaniiqqq♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

  1. Hanif Arip (@disguisex)

Being the only East Malaysian KOL for this campaign, Hanif Arip has made his state proud. Not only he is a successful TikTok influencer from Sarawak, he is also an active kart racing (or karting) racer. Hanif Arip has 538.5K followers on TikTok and 12.9K followers on Instagram.

Here is Hanif Arip’s TikTok video.

@mensbioremyTunggu apa lagi? Jom join peraduan @mensbioremy #RayaNampakMacho! Ada RM3000 untuk dimenangi tau! #MensBiore #RayaNampakMacho @disguisex♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

  1. Izzrin Irfan (@izzrynx)

A man of many talents and niches, Izzrin Irfan is a gem for influencer marketing on TikTok. He is an actor, singer and of course, a TikTok influencer. This young Kedahan has an impressive 1.3M followers on TikTok and 186K followers on Instagram.

Izzrin Irfan’s TikTok can be found here.

@mensbioremy@izzrynx serius #RayaNampakMacho! Cepat join peraduan kami untuk menang RM3000 ya! Psst… 25 penyertaan terawal dapat RM20 TnG Reload Pin tau! 😘♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

  1. Naufal Haz (@naufalhaz and @ha22z0)

Naufal Haz certainly has the looks. He is a model under the Aunim Model House and is also popular on Malaysian TikTok. He has 274.6K followers on TikTok and 40K on Instagram.

Naufal Haz’s TikTok is here.

@mensbioremyTak tahu nak buat apa hujung minggu ni? Apa kata hantar penyertaan untuk peraduan @mensbioremy #RayaNampakMacho! Tamat Ahad ini ya! @naufalhaz♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

  1. Nick Syaf (@onlynicksyaf)

Looking for an influencer who has the moves? Look no further, as Nick Syaf is a popular dancer, model and YouTuber. He has 926K followers on TikTok and his Instagram account has 104K followers.

Watch Nick Syaf’s video here.

@mensbioremyBaju raya pakai sekali je tahun ni? Jangan risau, boleh pakai lagi untuk peraduan @mensbioremy #RayaNampakMacho! Tamat 6 Jun tau! #mensbiore♬ original sound – Men’s Biore MY

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WATCH: Men’s Biore Collaborates with Malaysian Influencer Sterk Production

WATCH Men’s Biore Collaborates with Malaysian Influencer Sterk Production

Influencer marketing has proven yet another success in introducing a new product identity. On Saturday, Kao brand Men’s Biore launched its new ‘Micro Detox Action’ product packaging on Facebook. With the help of a Malaysian influencer, it raised awareness on its new double scrub packaging.

Malaysian video influencer Sterk Production helped create the video for Men’s Biore. The video particularly centred on the Double Scrub Facial Foam Oil Clear product and its skin-improving effects.

Likewise, the influencer marketing campaign also highlighted the two ongoing contests of Men’s Biore on Facebook.

Sterk Production: Malaysian Influencers (447k YouTube Subscribers)

Apart from its massive fan base on YouTube, Sterk Production also has 346k followers on Instagram. On YouTube, they have 447k subscribers.

With this in mind, Men’s Biore managed to collaborate with Sterk to help in their campaign. As a result, the video gained incredible results in less than a week.

To date, the video posted on Men’s Biore’s Facebook page earned 281k views and 2.1k engagement.

On the other hand, the same video posted on the influencer’s Instagram page garnered over 47k views in six days.

In case you missed the video, here’s the full clip:

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