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Sanitarium SG Partners With Health & Fitness Influencers For So Good Campaign

Sanitarium So Good

Times are changing and so are our eating habits. Sanitarium SG launched its So Good dairy-free milk products with the help of health and fitness influencers from Singapore. See who they are and learn why they love this revolutionary plant-based milk.

Sanitarium Singapore

Sanitarium is an Australian company that manufactures food that promotes wellness such as Weet-Bix, UP&GO liquid breakfast and So Good dairy-free milk. It has expanded to various countries in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore. Sanitarium Singapore has partnered with health and fitness enthusiasts to promote their dairy-free milk, So Good, which comes in different flavors like Cashew, Almond, and Soy.

Collaboration with Health and Fitness Influencers

What better way to get the word out than through distinct personalities that influence consumer behavior? Health enthusiasts Jia En, Rachel Wong, and Hayley are taking to social media their take on So Good products. Let’s find out below what they are saying!

Jia En (@iamjiaen)

“Health is my #1 priority this year… I want to find the magic to feel REALLY good always, and adopting a plant-based diet is something I see value in. Soy milk is my go-to milk replacement!”


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Rachel Wong (@rachelwongggg)

“I’ve been so used to having my coffee and overnight oats with regular milk. But I think it’s about time I gave plant-based milks a shot and change things up!! So, I decided to give @sanitariumsingapore’s So Good™ Almond Milk in Original and Unsweetened a try, both on its own and also in my overnight oats! ;D I swear I could’ve finished the whole carton of the Original Almond Milk in one seating heheh. But noooo, I let my sis try it too and she claimed the rest of the carton after having a taste of it 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ It was so smooth and light, but yet soooo yummy! I lovvve that it is lactose and gluten-free, low in fat and is high in vitamins E, B12 and B2!!”


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Hayley (@huinileee)

“Everyone who knows me knows that 4pm daily is my snack time! But it’s no excuse to compromise on health and fitness (all about moderation! 😉). For me, I find myself always reaching for a healthy shake to keep me going. Recently discovered the benefits of drinking non-dairy milk, so here’s sharing with you my current favourite shake recipe made using @sanitariumsingapore’s So Good™ Cashew Milk Original, fit for the Christmas season!”


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