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Which Social Media Platforms Are Influencers On?

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You’ll find that most influencers are on every social media platform, especially with the cross-posting features of these sites and apps. What you post on Instagram can easily be shared on Facebook. These platforms are practically similar to each other with the main goal of connecting and engaging with the community. However, each channel has a unique content format, user base, and demand.

As a business person venturing into influencer marketing, it is essential that you know which social media platforms your prospect influencers are on. This is to ensure that your objectives and target audience are aligned. It is also important to know the type of content that sells on each site for you to properly plan a marketing strategy.


Established in 2004, Facebook has grown into an immense platform with 2.8 billion users as of February 2021. It was one of the earliest social networking sites which still stands to this day. It’s become a community more than it is a platform to connect with friends.

Discussions happen across Facebook from politics and education to entertainment and health. This makes it the perfect channel to post news articles, create polls, and organise forums and events. Businesses are now aided with tools such as targeted ads, business suite, and marketplace.

So what kind of influencers are on Facebook? With the platform being around for nearly two decades, Facebook is regarded as a place for general content. Its largest audience segment is comprised of 25-34 year-olds which falls under the category of young adults but the next segment doesn’t fall far behind in percentage. Here, influencers are able to post various content: photos, videos, blog posts, and news articles. So, as a business owner still testing the waters for your marketing, Facebook is the best place to start with your campaigns.


Instagram initially shared photos in a square format. Over the years, the platform has adapted to free-sized pictures and short videos. Recently, new features have been added such as Instagram stories which are 15-second videos/photos that are visible for 24 hours. It now allows longer videos on IGTV where users especially influencers are able to host live streams.

Because of updated formats on Instagram, businesses have found this to be the perfect place to showcase their products and brand ambassadors. The kind of influencers you find on Instagram are those who bank on visual content such as pictures and videos. Beauty tutorials, photography, lifestyle, and even short recipe videos are there.


Video streaming became easy when the internet birthed YouTube. Various video content has been published on the platform. Among the many contents you see are home videos, funny bits, music videos, movie clips, product reviews, travel blogs, gaming hacks, and make-up tutorials. The influencers you find on YouTube are those who heavily produce videos that are longer than a minute.


TikTok is the newest addition to the big players in social networking. The platform started out as an avenue for dubbing, sing-alongs, and dances. But it has now become a massive community that fosters information sharing and entertainment.

TikTok solely caters to short-form videos, which makes this a great channel for users to quickly breeze through trends and other topics they are inclined to. The videos on TikTok are what one might call short and sweet. You will see many video creators on the platform with different niches. Some of the popular subjects that trend on TikTok are comedy, video games, cooking, and sports. Influencers are focused on video content creation in this social media platform. See TikTok Trends in 2021 for a rundown of popular videos on the platform.

Chances are, your partner influencer or brand ambassador is on all social media platforms. This rundown is a mere quick guide to know which platforms to look into first. It is still important that you examine every one of these channels and also the following and content of your influencer.

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