7 Singapore Vegan Influencers You Should Follow

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Over the last couple of years, the word ‘vegan’ has gained popularity around the world and many people have changed their diets to vegan in order to protect the animals and the environment. It’s no surprise that vegan foods, recipes, and influencers have popped up all over the internet. Here are 7 Singapore Vegan influencers that you should know about.

What does ‘Vegan’ Mean?

According to The Vegan Society, a vegan diet covers all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, beans, and pulses. Recipes made from plant-based ingredients are suitable for those who choose to go for a vegan diet.

Keeping IT Vegan with Singapore’s 7 Vegan Influencers

  1. Jaslyn Goh (@jaslyngoh)

Jaslyn is a Vegan influencer in Singapore. She has 14.1k followers on Instagram where she shares her favorite plant-based ingredients and recipes with her followers. She continues to inspire people that Veganism is good for nature through her blog. She is also the founder of @souleygreen where she guides people to the correct plant-based diet and gives support to those tackling a healthy diet plan.

One of the brands that she prefers is Sanitarium’s plant-based milk. She posted it on Instagram:

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  1. Lin(@tumblinbumblincrumblincookie)

Lin is a photographer, filmmaker, illustrator, and influencer from Singapore with 139k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram feed is full of aesthetic vegan recipes. She creates delicious recipes that can make anyone drool. She entices her followers that vegan food can also be as charming as non-vegan food. Check out her Instagram account for more recipes.

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  1. Nicole (@_findingnicole)

Another Singapore Vegan Influencer that might convince you to try the vegan diet is Nicole. She also posts mouth-watering vegan recipes on her Instagram account which has 2.7k followers. Her IG feed shows optimism on her vegan recipes and shows how her health improved through her diet. Follow her for more vegan recipes.

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  1. Kate (@byobottlesg)

Kate is not your ordinary Vegan influencer, she is a health advocate as well as an advocate for mother earth. She currently has 4k followers on Instagram where she posts environment-related content. Also included in her posts is her journey of being a vegan. At the age of 18, she’s already a co-founder of  @re.earthorg, a Re-Earth Initiative International Youth-Led Organization.

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  1. Lily Khin (@lily.khin)

Lily is a vegan influencer from Singapore. With 1.7k followers on Instagram, she often shows her vegan journey through minimalist and aesthetic photos. It can be also seen in her IG feed how she loves working out and how she likes to keep her body in the best shape. Check her out here.

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  1. Yee Teng (@nourishplant)

Yee Teng is also known as @nourishplant is another vegan influencer from Singapore. She has 10k followers on Instagram and just like any other vegan influencers out there, she also boasts how colourful and healthy her vegan journey looks like. Aside from sharing vegan recipes, she also makes sure to give reviews on vegan products/ingredients. Check her out here.

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  1. Vickii Ma (@vickiima)

Vickii is an entrepreneur, digital content creator, and vegan and beauty influencer from Singapore. She currently has 26.9k followers on Instagram. She is the founder of @olivetheshop and @bakesbyvm. She practices a vegan diet and that’s why she also sells vegan pastries in her bakeshop. Follow her for more details.

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