7 Singapore Luxury Influencers Who Are All About High Fashion

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According to Merriam Webster, Luxury is defined as a condition of abundance where one can live with great ease and comfort. Luxury influencers are able to indulge in buying expensive and beautiful things that are pleasant but not necessary to have. For this week’s theme influencers, we are going to feature Singapore luxury influencers.

From Chanel to Gucci, these influencers are considered experts or style icons when it comes to dressing up in the latest styles. They can be seen advertising for various luxury brands on their social media accounts. 

Check out these 7 Singapore luxury influencers that might help you with your brand strategy.

Do It The High Fashion Way

1. Alfred Sng (@sealfred)

Alfred Sng, 28, is a luxury influencer from Singapore and currently has 44.8k followers on Instagram. He recently had his first magazine cover with his best friend Tasha Low on Nuyou Singapore. His Instagram feed is filled with magazine shots and ootds of him clad in designer wear.

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A post shared by Alfred Sng 孙英豪 (@sealfred)

Besides being an influencer, Sng is also an aspiring artist and he showcased his skills when he competed in a Chinese survival show called ‘We Are Young 2020’. Unfortunately, he did not win a place but he lasted until the end of the show.

2. Calista Cuaca (@xcalikins)

Calista Cuaca is one of Singapore’s many luxury influencers. She is every girl’s dream, she got the looks, the sass, and the walk. Calista has 291k followers on Instagram, and her posts show her wearing high-end clothes and using branded skincare products.

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A post shared by calista 🎀 (@xcalikins)

She also has a Youtube Channel called Calikins that has 32k subscribers and she usually takes videos of her make-up tutorials, skincare routine, unboxing videos, and many more. You can subscribe to her youtube channel to watch her content.

3. Glenn Goh (@glenngoh)

A Singapore luxury influencer and fashion stylist, Glenn Goh has 20.3k followers on his Instagram where he flaunts his designer outfits and accessories.

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His Instagram feed looks like a lookbook where he models for many luxury brands such as Burberry and Givenchy. Also included in his Instagram highlights are the people he styled for events and gala nights. Check out his account to see some of his looks. 

4. Mae Tan (@marxmae)

Known as @marxmae on Instagram, Mae Tan is a stylist, model, and luxury influencer in Singapore with 113k followers. She can be seen wearing designer outfits from luxury brands such as Burberry, Chanel, Fendi, Guess, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more.

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A post shared by MAE TAN (@marxmae)

Besides being a luxury influencer, she also gives back to the community by organizing a garage sale of her unused and old clothes and the money will be donated to social causes such as climate change and education. Mae is the kind of influencer that you should work with for meaningful collaborations.

5. Savina Chow (@savina_chai)

An entrepreneur, luxury, and fashion influencer from Singapore, Savina Chow currently has 77.9k followers on Instagram where she flaunts her luxury outfits and accessories to her followers.

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She also works closely with brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Ferragamo. Also a fashion influencer, Savina attends most of the fashion shows in Singapore and overseas.

6. Willabelle Ong (@willamazing)

Willabelle Ong is a digital creator, photographer, artist, model, fashion, and luxury influencer based in Singapore. She has 214k followers on Instagram, 197.7k followers on TikTok , and 4.3k followers on her art account. She also has a blog called

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A post shared by Willabelle Ong (@willamazing)

As reflected on her blog and social media posts, she loves painting, photography, and dressing up. Do follow her if you want to see her artistic works.

7. Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala)

Looking for a versatile fashion and luxury influencer? Yoyo Cao is the one you might be looking for. With 411k of followers on her Instagram account, she creates refreshing content as she can pull off any look. She also launched her own website where she writes about her travel recommendations, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion topics.

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Cao can be seen at Paris Fashion Week as well as Milan Fashion Week. She also did a collaboration with Nike called the Nike Blazer Mid by Yoyo Cao which was featured on Elle Singapore. Check out her blog to see her work. 

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