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SG Influencer Audrey Tan Flaunts #MommyGoals Life

ATC| Influencer Marketing Singapore Influencer Audrey Tan with her kids

Wanna know what’s the secret of living a happy life with
three kids? Check out this week’s featured influencer from Singapore, Audrey Tan.

Audrey Tan: Mother of Three Kids, Fashionista and Influencer

Audrey Tan (@audt) is one of the mom influencers in Singapore with 21.4k followers on Instagram. Her IG account shows how she juggles being a mom to three kids and a parenting influencer at the same time.

It can be seen in her posts how she takes care of her kids Tiffany and Thaddeus, especially her daughter Kayla as she fights against cancer. 

Audrey also has her own blog called Forget Growing Up.

Audrey’s Life As An Infuencer

Aside from being a mother, she is also an active influencer endorsing various fashion brands from clothes, bags and shoes to jewelries.

She also promotes a healthy lifestyle with eco-friendly products by demonstrating kid-friendly recipes. Her recipes mostly include almond milk, fruit chips, food supplements and more.

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