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Sanitarium teams up with SG influencers

ATC | Sanitarium SG

Sanitarium SG, an Australian based food company, launched the 2020 So Good Campaign. They teamed up with a group of female influencers to promote Sanitarium’s Almond Milk. Offering a wide range of milk, cereals, and spreads, Sanitarium advocates for plant-based foods, and a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Take a look at why these influencers chose Sanitarium SG.

Choosing healthy with Sanitarium SG

Jaslyn Goh (@jaslyngoh)

Jaslyn is an entrepreneur from Singapore who founded Souley Green, a vegan and cruelty-free store that promotes her healthy lifestyle.

Using Sanitarium SG’s Almond Milk in making her smoothie recipes is a treat. She shares on Instagram that when having a “jam-packed schedule ahead, I love having my smoothie on-the-go”.

Audrey Tan (@audt)

Audrey is a mother of 3 and displayed her love for nutritious smoothies on Instagram. Posting her favorite Choc Banana recipe from So Good, saying “it’s especially yummy and super healthy with Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk”.

She also talks about how the smoothies are “Super easy to make, and taste yummy too” with Sanitarium SG’s Almond Milk. It makes the process of creating her own smoothies especially easy.

Tiong Jia En (@iamjiaen)

Jia En is a fitness trainer who is passionate about health and wellness. She posted her favorite So Good Chia Pudding recipe on Instagram and how she loves that it only takes 2 quick minutes to make. Sharing that “I am using So Good Almond Milk because it is made from almond nuts, a good source of calcium, vitamin B2, and B12.”

Jia En also mentions her preference to use Sanitarium SG’s almond milk to “reduce sugar intake”, saying that “Almond milk is as tasty as normal milk when mixed with the right ingredients!”.

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