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ATC Influencer Marketing | Phraya China Influencers CampaignPHRAYA China Influencer Marketing Campaign

In order to penetrate into China market – one of the largest markets in the world, PHRAYA decided to get started with influencer marketing with the goal of building up their brand awareness and brand credibility. The brand engaged with the influencers who are suitable for its brand concept. 

PHRAYA collaborated with several macro-influencers from China – food and beverage influencer 少女想喝 (Girls wants to drink) and travel influencers – 泰国零距离 (Thailand Zero Distance), 全球旅游攻略 (Global Travel Guide), 泰国阿姐 ( Thailand’s Sister) and 十六番-泰国 (Sixteen Fan Thailand), with a total reach to over 25 million followers.  

少女想喝 – With over 1.96 million followersATC Influencer Marketing | Phraya China Influencers

泰国零距离 – With over 1.39 million followers

Asia Travel Club | Phraya

全球旅游攻略 – With over 14.6 million followers

Asia Travel Club | Phraya

泰国阿姐 – With over 3.78 million followers


十六番 – 泰国 – With over 3.48 million followers

At the end of the campaign, all the posts from the influencers received more than 1.2 million impressions in total and gained a lot of positive comments from their followers.


About the brand

PHRAYA is a premium rum brand produced in Thailand rum brand in Thailand. PHRAYA packaging and liquid development truly reflect the brand philosophy of being ‘the craft of refinement’. Its product is among one of the finest rum from Thailand with carefully-selected sugarcane.

For further information about the brand, visit its official website at

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