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K-Beauty and Cosmetic Brand MISSHA Taps Singapore with Cross Border Live Selling


More and more shoppers want to shop across the border nowadays. The Korean beauty and cosmetic brand MISSHA knows they need to expand their reach in Southeast Asia and what better-suited strategy for today’s world than to tap into cross border live selling? MISSHA has recently participated in LazMall’s Brand Mega Offer and successfully launched a Lazada Live segment with Singaporean host Feliza Ava Kiara Toh.


Why bother Cross Border Live Selling?

Live Selling is more than just a video, it is a real-time interaction through online platforms. The viewers can ask any general or specific questions regarding the product, be answered by the seller right away, and vice versa. Through this, it creates transparency and authenticity between the sellers and buyers which already makes a strong purpose.

Live selling has become more beneficial today knowing that the difficulties brought in by COVID-19 are still ongoing. With lockdown being implemented everywhere in the world, it makes sense, why brands expanding or going global tap into cross border live selling which supports marketing to different countries not just local.


This is evident through the recent said LazLive hosted by Feliza for MISSHA. The Korean brand easily broke barriers and effectively communicated with the Singaporean shoppers, highlighted their brand’s best qualities and products, and also engaged customers to join their fun activities, get freebies, and win prizes. In return was an increase in new customers, customer retention, and customer loyalty. MISSHA was able to garner over 3,900 views in just 30 minutes which is a great help in brand visibility.



Apart from what was mentioned, you can actually do more and get more benefits in live selling with the right seller or host. If your brand wants to expand globally, consider cross border live selling into your brand growth strategy.

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