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7 Medical Influencers You Should Follow

ATC | Medical Influencers to Follow

Health is very important, especially nowadays in this very challenging and uncertain time. The digital landscape has been taking the world by storm. Various businesses such as food, apparel, technology, furniture, other more industries have made their brands available online and the health sector is not an exemption. in fact, medical influencers are a must nowadays.

While there are so many healthcare influencers on social media, here are 7 medical influencers in Asia who share more than medical advice, but also inspiration and support that we need.

Follow these 7 Medical Influencers in Asia

Singapore – The Habits Doctor

On YouTube, you will find Dr. Chan Tat Hon, a medical doctor from Singapore as The Habits Doctor with 873 subscribers. He shares videos every week inspiring habits for health, happiness, and success in life. Particularly, powerful habits that combat diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle habits related chronic conditions. He is also known as “What’s Cooking Doc?” because he was a full-time chef for 5 years, exploring new foods to improve eating habits.

Malaysia – Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin

Focusing on parenting, family, fitness, and health is the medical doctor from Malaysia. Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin, a father and a husband, has 277k followers on Instagram as @say_shazril. He mostly shares fitness and health tips. He also shares his healthy life with his family through images, videos, and short stories on his captions.

China – Yang Junwei

ATC | Medical Influencers to Follow

The well-known health and wellness blogger Yang Junwei or Health Care-Lao Yang (健康养生-老杨) owns a Weibo account with more than 4 million followers where he shares health information, remedies, and tips. He is a doctor in charge of Henan Institute of Health Education and Chronic Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Control.

Japan – Dr. Sho

Pyschiatrist or mental doctor, that is Dr. Sho or @dr.shrink_sho on Instagram with more than 6K followers. Here, Dr. Sho delivers mental health information based on psychiatry and secrets to getting well which are given to more than 500 outpatients a month. He can also be found on Twitter as @drshrink6 and contributes blogs to women’s media here, so do check them out.

Korea – Dr. Judy

For skin health concerns, we also have Dr. Judy or @dr.judyjoo who’s a dermatologist from Korea. In her Instagram, she has more than 3,600 followers where she post about skincare tips. But not just about what to use and what to avoid for healthier skin, she also shares what’s happening to our skin, how, and why. You can also find the same contents on her YouTube page with 248K subscribers.

Thailand – Doctor Panda Lab

The, known as, Doctor Panda Lab or a black-eyed medical technician have a different take in spreading healthcare information and tips. Dr. Pakphum Dejhassadin shares contents related to health with humor injected to it, while still easily understandable. He can be found on Facebook with 2.5 million followers and counting.

Vietnam – Dr. Giang

Pediatrician at the Paediatrics Department of Green Po Hospital in Vietnam is Đào Trường Giang or Dr. Giang. With almost 2K followers on Facebook, he shares information and tips about pediatrics while other parents reach out to him directly on his feed.

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