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Fun and Charming Beauty Influencer Chanwon from MY

malaysia-beauty-influencer-chanwon-picPhoto: @chanwon92

This week’s influencer stage goes to the Top Beauty Winner of #InfluenceAsia2017, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer Chanwon (@chanwon92).

Chanwon is an Ultimate Lover of Life

Influencer from Malaysia, Chanwon injects fun and bright side into her every update through her socials, whether it is with her family, friends, and even her endorsements. She covers beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle in her posts.

As an Influencer

With a total of 101k followers on her Instagram, she was able to endorse many products including earlier this year’s campaign Live by Biore x Liese with co-influencer Stephy (@stephyyiwen). Watch her live for Biore in here and for Liese in here.

One of the most recent promotions Chanwon posted is also promoting Liese. In this campaign #LieseAshToneChallenge you can see how Chanwon expresses her fun and quirky side with this funny short video posted on IG which gained 1,640 likes.

Entrepreneur Side

Chanwon is also a founder of Haptive (, which is derived from the words ‘Happiness + Positive’ that without a doubt reflects her home-loving personality and pursuit of daily happiness and life’s simple pleasures. Haptive is an online store for home decors and aesthetic finds to help curate your home.

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