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Live Selling Goes Big in Southeast Asia

Live Selling is the new future of e-commerce. Online selling has been around since the 90s, but yet still prevailing until today. With the internet and technology around, there are just so many more possibilities, especially in the way we buy, sell, and engage before, in between, or after each transaction.

From ordering on the website to purchasing via social media platforms, now we’ve come this far, we’re now Live selling!

Just last year, the total gross merchandise value (GMV) driven by Live streaming during the 11.11 shopping holiday grew over 100%, according to the report from Alibaba’s Taobao Live Platform.

As consumers are shifting to online platforms to purchase products and services during the Covid-19 pandemic, Live Sales has emerged as a new trend of selling.

What Can You Sell Live and Where Can You Sell?

The word “Live”, means you need to sell a product that you can show to the buyers in front of the screens during the live selling sessions. You may sell clothes and apparel, cosmetics, pieces of jewelry, accessories, and more.

But which platforms can you sell your products live? There are many Live streaming platforms out there, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, Shopee LIVE, LazLive, and Amazon Live, which are with a large user base. According to Shopee, the platform clocked 450 million views on Shopee Live over three weeks during its 12.12 shopping festival.

What Does Live Selling Offers And How Can You Take Advantage?

Live selling goes beyond just seller and customer trading. Read on below to see why a business owner like you should ride on this trend.

1. Reach A Wider Audience

As Live Sales takes place online, social media has a big role to play. Tapping into popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will allow you to put your product in front of millions of people. Moreover, users have a strong preference for videos.

How can you take advantage of it? To sell on the right platform, you have to understand your target audience like which platform do they use most, so you don’t waste any effort. You may pick a main selling platform and share your upcoming or ended live video on other platforms.

2. Directly Connect With Customers

Authenticity, honesty, and straightforwardness are it’s main objectives. Your viewers are able to connect with you in real-time, so you can communicate, promote, answer or ask questions, and they can make the buying decisions in a jiffy.

How can you take advantage of it? This is your chance to amplify all the unique selling points of your product as well as your brand. It is important that you plan and produce a high-quality Live content to demonstrate your product or service in an engaging way.

3. Cost-efficient Marketing

It doesn’t need to be grand, instead, it needs to be transparent. Whether to invest in tools or equipment for live video production, it is entirely up to you.

How can you take advantage of it? While investing in tools and equipment is optional, what you need to focus on is about how convincing your campaign will be. This means the hosts should be skilled and comfortable in speaking live and know how to convert viewers into customers. Hence, make sure you select the live selling host that fits the requirements and image of your brand.

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Future Growth Of Live Selling

It does not limit brands nor any sellers, it is a new business opportunity that almost all business owners can employ. As social media platforms are accessible, this means you can start Live selling right away, but it’s not a simple task to convert viewers into your customers, from planning Live video content and setting up live streaming equipment to finding a host.

In, we can connect your brand with the Live selling host across Southeast Asia. If you are interested to explore live selling for your brand? Turn your active engagement into retail revenue. Get in touch with us now.

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