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Positive-minded Korean Model and Fashion Beauty Influencer 상지 Ssangzhy

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Get inspired by the Korean model, fashion beauty influencer Kim Sang-ji (상지) or @Ssangzhy who continuously shares her life and dreams to the world with positive power and motivations.

Not Just Korean Model, but also a Growing and Branding Creator

Sang-ji works as a global fashion model across Korea and China, who currently models and advertises over 300 beauty and fashion brands. This includes well-known Lancome, Chanel, Innisfree, Nepa, New Balance, SK, Metro City, Lab Korea, Fine Kapoor, Marchen Jay, and more.

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#상품증정광고 작년부터 꾸준히 #제니피끄 사용하고 있는데 피부가 건강해지고 탄력있게 변하면서 #피부자신감 뿜뿜해요❣️ – 마이크로바이옴과학 으로 강해진 피부 자신감 💙👏🏻👏🏻 피부 본연의 건강을 되찾은 기분, 이제 맨 얼굴도 자신 있어요 💙 – 이렇게 좋은 스킨케어템, 저만 쓸 수 없죠? 제니피끄 에센스 경험해보고 싶으신 분들 댓글 달아주시면 사진속 7일키트를 선물로 드릴게요! . . . #랑콤 #ThankYou_GENIFIQUE #LIVEYOURSTRENGTH #제니피끄 #피부자신감 #너도같이쓰자 #친구랑나랑템 #언니랑나랑템 #7일동안에센스 #마이크로바이옴과학 #인생에센스 #나눔이벤트

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봄봄봄봄 봄이왔어요🌸 빨리 돌아 다니고 싶은 상지 😇🌟 – Photo. @foto_jo_ Brand. @marhen.j Hair @__inyst__ Make up @doye5n

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Sang-ji is not only a korean model. As the time goes by, she then became more interested in being an influencer and content creator. At first, she consistently uploads contents on her Instagram only, which in result, grew to having almost 150k followers as of this posting. Now, she’s also working hard to establish her ground on her YouTube page. Do check out her vlogs!

“Life is what it says” – says The Busy but Happy Ssangzhy

But wait, there’s more. The very productive and proactive Korean model is also currently preparing herself as an actor. She’s participating in dramas, web dramas, and preparing for graduate school in the Department of Acting Arts. Sang-ji is truly a hard-working and independent woman. She’s driven by her bright disposition and dedication to help give out positive impacts and changes to everyone.

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You can do everything . . . #challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment Thx to @vousnerevez @april_fashionista

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