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Influencers Advertise Jewellery Boutique Opening In Malaysia

Influencers Malaysia

Lifestyle influencers Isha Norsham and Norish Kamilya from Malaysia spread the word and invite their followers to check out the newly-opened jewellery boutique LuxeSTYLE by Maxi-Cash.

With the growing number of brands penetrating the market, it is important to establish a marketing strategy that makes you stand out above the rest. Influencer marketing proves to raise awareness about businesses, events and causes. It is even more successful when the influencer you collaborate with has the same target audience and objectives as your brand.

Maxi-Cash Malaysia

The brand name speaks for itself — reeling cash in through pawnbroking services. This means transactions involving valuable items such as gold jewelry.

Maxi-Cash Malaysia stays ahead of the game by including influencer marketing in its strategy. The brand has collaborated with lifestyle influencers Norish Kamilya and Isha Norsham. Their most recent partnership is getting the word out about the opening of Maxi-Cash’s new boutique LuxeSTYLE at Bandar Sunway Mentari.

Influencers Share Their Valuable Finds

Trust comes with authenticity. Isha and Norish take Maxi-Cash’s products and services for a spin. By using it themselves, they create genuine testimonials about the brand which is what their followers are after. Let’s take a look at how they dazzle in the treasures they’ve found at Maxi-Cash.


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