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7 Finance Influencers That Can Help You Manage Your Finances

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Following the top Finance influencers on social media is the best move for small business owners and individuals who wish to manage their finances the correct way. Asia Travel Club (ATC) has listed 7 Finance Influencers from Southeast Asia to keep you well informed and create a sound financial plan for you and your business.

Keeping your finances in check with these Influencers

1. Tuệ Nghi (VN)

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Tuệ Nghi is a famous finance influencer in Vietnam. She is the Founder and President of the Pacific Empire Investment. Nghi currently has 312k followers on Facebook and 3.2k followers on Instagram. She describes herself as an ordinary woman, doing business, and writing what she likes.

According to her,

“When we possess a rich inner mind, no one can control our emotions anymore, we can control our own emotions.”

2. Linkeshwar (MY)

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S.Linkeshwar is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Phantom Investor, and Financial Educator/Influencer from Selangor, Malaysia. He has 10.6k followers on Instagram and you can also follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his Telegram channel here.

3. Friendnancial (TH)

Friendnancial is a Finance influencer, that talks to their followers in a friendly tone like talking with your friends. Friendnancial is an influencer based in Thailand with 63.5k followers on Facebook and they also have their own website to cater to all of the requests and inquiries.

4. Japanese Forex Trader Kei (JP)

According to Kei, Forex trading is his life and it’s helping him to be free from the world’s struggles. He is a finance influencer born in Japan in the year 1982. When he was in high school, he went to the U.S and studied Psychology at UCLA. His YouTube account has 21.6k subscribers where he talks about Forex Tradings and many more.

“I hope you not only enjoy the videos but learn and apply the knowledge and strategy so that you improve your trading and eventually make living just like myself.”

5. The Woke Salaryman (SG)

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Based in Singapore, TheWokeSalaryman’s founders, Ruiming He and Wei Choon Goh are partners that run the finance blog together. TheWokeSalaryman started as a portfolio piece and now they have become one of the top finance influencers in Singapore. They already have 202.6k followers on Facebook, 176k followers on Instagram, and a blog with articles on financial tips and services for their readers. Check them out here and see how they can inspire you to plan your life financial wise.

6. 财经微课 Finance and Economics Microclass (CH)

Screenshot Photo: 财经微课 Finance and Economics Microclass/Weibo

财经微课 Finance and Economics Microclass is a Weibo account managed by a team of financial experts in China with 7M followers. They adhere to the concept of “responsibility” and follows the editorial policy of authoritative mainstream, professional responsibility, rational and generous advice.

They posted on Weibo:

‘Financial knowledge: What information is hidden in the financial reports of Weibo? What information is written in a company’s financial report? If you want to understand the operation of a company seriously, you must learn to read the financial report!”

7. Park Gom Hee [박곰희] (KR)

Gom Hee is a Finance Influencer and YouTuber from South Korea. His YouTube channel has over 323k subscribers that aim to help fellow netizens to learn how to manage their own assets. Check out his YouTube channel here.

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