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Fashion Influencer and Hairdresser Kim Jung Hoon from Korea Is Style Goals

Hairdresser KoreaPhoto credit: Kim Jung Hoon

If you have seen hairdressing videos on social media, chances are you’ve come across this influencer. Let’s know more about thick-maned hairdresser from Korea, Kim Jung Hoon, a sought-after fashion and beauty figure in Seoul.

Kim Jung Hoon earned fame and a following of 344K on his Instagram page @2219a by displaying his clients’ sleek hairstyles. Before all else, he’s a renowned hairdresser, and he also happens to parade in tasteful clothing around Seoul which adds to his overall fame. His minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic reflects on his feed, which appeals to a great deal of social media users.

Giving us itchy feet, he shares photos and videos of his sojourns around Asia and local hot spots in South Korea. Kim Jung Hoon has a knack for the finer things in life and gives us a glimpse of his stays at luxury hotels and restaurants.

As a figure whose lifestyle is followed by many, brands come to Kim Jung Hoon for endorsements. He partners with brands that he features on his page from food to skincare to elegant clothing.

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