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7 Ecommerce/Live-Streaming Influencers You Should Check Out This 2020

ATC | 7 Ecommerce/Live-Streaming Influencers You Should Check Out This 2020 FT IMG

ATC brings you 7 Ecommerce/Live-streaming Influencers you should check out this year.

When COVID-19 hit, people were forced to stay at home and they started spending more time on the internet. Many began to shop online and online shopping has accelerated during the lockdown period. Different ways of selling has also emerged such as Live-streaming on social media platforms.

To some, online shopping may seem scary at first, but these 7 E-commerce/Live-streaming influencers will show you that it is relatively easy. They also helped you to find the best deals and the products that are worth buying.

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1. CHINA – Viyaaa (@viyaaa)

Image Credits: Viyaaa/Weibo

Viya is a famous e-commerce influencer in China and has over 14M followers on Weibo. She provides in-depth reviews of luxury beauty and fashion products through vlogs. Check her videos out here.

2. JAPAN – Manarin (@manarin37)

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Manarin is an E-commerce/Live-Selling Influencer from Japan. She currently has 18.4k followers on Instagram where she promotes all the products she has tried and sells her own merchandise. She is also a beauty, travel, and food influencer, check her page here.

3. KOREA – Heo Ah Hyun (@95.404)

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From the land of kimchi, Heo Ah Hyun is an E-commerce influencer. Ah Hyun is a mother to two lovely girls with 62.6k followers on Instagram. She has a website where she sells her best picked beauty and skin products. Check out her store here.

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4. MALAYSIA – Jane Chuck (@janechuck)

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Jane is an Ecommerce influencer based in Malaysia. She has 545k followers on Instagram and 32.1k subscribers on her YouTube channel Janechuck. She is also an entrepreneur and founder of and Heymotherchuckers. is her skincare line while Heymotherchuckers is her clothing line.

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5. THAILAND – Hasun (@HasunDriedSeafood)

ATC | 7 Ecommerce InATC | 7 Ecommerce/Live-Streaming Influencers You Should Check Out This 2020 THAILANDfluencers You Should Check Out This 2020 THAILAND
Image Credits: Thansettakij

Hasun is a video creator, entrepreneur, and Ecommerce influencer from Thailand. He has 1.5M followers on Facebook. Hasun is selling dried seafood products directly from the dry plant which makes his products clean and safe. Last year, he opened a Shopee store online, and now it has over 20k followers. Banghasun also has a YouTube account with 89.5k subscribers where he shares his knowledge on high-end cars and food. Check his page here.

6. SINGAPORE – Lerine Yeo (@MisshopperBoutique)

Image Credits: MisshopperBoutique/Facebook

Lerine is not your ordinary Ecommerce Influencer. She is from Singapore and the owner of Misshopper Boutique with 225.6k followers on Facebook. She went viral when she tried to sell a unique top. Her humor and her unique sales pitch are what made her famous. She sold S-hooks, umbrellas, and even boxers through her live-selling. She left her full-time job to focus on her online business and that’s when she became viral, through her hook shirts. Check out her shop here.

7. VIETNAM – Trần Quyên (@quyen.tran070)

ATC | 7 EcATC | 7 Ecommerce/Live-Streaming Influencers You Should Check Out This 2020 VIETNAMommerce Influencers You Should Check Out This 2020 VIETNAM
Image Credits: Trần Quyên /Facebook

Tran Quyen is an Ecommerce influencer in Vietnam. She currently has 138.5k followers on her Facebook account. Tran used to own clothing shops, restaurants, and also cafes. But then she became successful by running a business that supplies all products requested by its buyers, whether its cosmetics or clothes from domestic shops to imported brands.

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