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7 Dermocosmetics Influencers You Should Know

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We listed 7 well-known Dermocosmetics Influencers from countries in Southeast Asia. Check out why you should include them in the list of influencers to look out for.

What is Dermocosmetics?

Dermocosmetics is a combination of cosmetics and dermatological components. It is used to keep the skin and hair healthy. It moisturises dry skin, expels dandruff, treats psoriasis, and etc.

7 Dermocosmetics Influencers You Should Follow

1. CH’s Little小只 (@Little小只)

Screenshot Photo: Little/The Little Red Book

Little (小只)is an influencer from China. She has 1.1M followers on a Chinese social media platform called Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) where she gives in-depth reviews and advice on dermocosmetics products for dry skin and many more.

“Dry skin people’s guide to self-help in winter | Sharing my experience with facial creams during winter! That’s dry on top ?

So I prefer to use thicker and more effective creams in winter”

2. SG’s Naomi (@naomiyhs)

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Naomi is an influencer based in Singapore. She currently has 29.4k followers on her Instagram account where she shares her recommended dermocosmetics products. @naomiyhs is a bilingual actress, presenter, host, voice talent, and loves doing yoga exercises. Check her out here.

3.MY’s Alicia Tan (@aliciatal)

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Alicia Tan is a Content Creator, YouTuber, Beauty Enthusiast, and an influencer of Skincare products. She has a total of 110k followers on her IG account and 51.7k subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Follow her for more dermocosmetics products advice.

4. KR’s Mindongseong (피부는민동성)

Korean beauty influencer Mindongseong focuses on discussing and promoting products for sensitive and acne-prone skin. He has 201k subscribers on his YouTube Channel and 74k followers on his official Facebook page. Check him out for more content.

5. TH’s Khwan Vasinee (@khwanvasinee)

Khwan is a Beauty and Lifestyle influencer based in Thailand. She has 81.5k followers on Instagram, 131k subscribers on YouTube, and 268k followers on her Facebook page. Check her out for more skincare tips.

6. VN’s Hannah Nguyen

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Photo Credits: Hannah Nguyen/Facebook

Hannah Nguyen is a Beauty Guru, Fashionista, and Travel influencer from Vietnam. She has a total of 431k followers on all her social media accounts. Follow her to know more about skincare and fashion tips from her.

7. JP’s Ishida Kazuho 石田一帆 (@ishidakazuho)


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Ishida is a Cosmetic, Fashion, Travel influencer from Japan with 148k followers on Instagram. Her contents are mostly on products for acne skin and dry skin. She is also an entrepreneur and the director of la peau de gem. Check her out here.

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