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Singapore Media Personalities promote CPH Online Counselling Campaign


Are you and your partner searching for ways to overcome challenges in your relationship? CPH Online Counselling may be beneficial for both you and your partner in many ways.

Ministry of Social and Family Development, also known as MSF, teams up with Singapore Media Personalities Joanne Peh, Nurul Aini and Syarif as they shed some insight on their marital and parenting life to raise awareness about the CPH Online Counselling Campaign.

CPH Online Counselling

CPH Online Counselling is a two-year pilot for an online counselling service started in April 2020. It is run by the Community Psychology Hub and supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

It provides emotional support on marital, divorce and parenting issues. This service is provided free-of-charge.

Key features of CPH Online Counselling are:

  • Anonymous – you do not need to reveal your identity unless you choose to
  • Convenient – accessible from computer or smart phone anywhere
  • Two modes available – live chat or email

Partnership with Singapore Media Personalities

Joanne Peh

Named as one of the Seven Princesses of Mediacorp. She is married to Singapore-based Chinese actor Qi Yuwu and they have two children together.


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Nurul Aini 

She has been a TV presenter and actress for Mediacorp Suria since 2002. Outside of show business, Nurul Aini is a wife to Sofian Roslan and a mother of three children.


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A Singaporean Singer-Songwriter and Actor who teamed up with his cousin Alif Sleeq to form the popular duo SleeQ. He and his wife have two lovely daughters.


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When you take part in online marriage counselling, it leads to long-term benefits that go beyond convenience from taking it online compared to in-office sessions.

If you’re curious about what online counselling is like and if it might be a fit for you, visit CPH Online Counselling to find out more. All sessions are confidential, and your identity will be kept anonymous. Best of all, it’s completely free.

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