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Chinese Influencer RonnieFei And His Passion For Sports

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Are you ready for some action? Because Chinese Influencer RonnieFei will give it to you. Check this out to know more about him.

Chinese Influencer RonnieFei’s Weibo Account

RonnieFei is one of the most influential sports influencers on the Weibo platform. Weibo is the most popular social media platform in China. His passion for sports especially in race cars has made him famous and gain half-million followers. He currently has over 575,000 followers with whom he shares the latest news and trends on sports car racing.

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Photo Credits: Weibo

He is a Superstar on Weibo, he ranked number #9 in the sports category.

Photo Credits: Weibo

In 2020, RonnieFei’s post views surpassed 320 million and garnered over 490,000+ engagements from his followers on the Weibo platform. It’s no wonder that his fame under the  Weibo Sports category has an influence rate of 99% higher than every other influencer under the same category which is ‘sports’.

Included in one of his Weibo posts is this:

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Photo Credits: Chinese Influencer RonnieFei/ Weibo

He wrote in his caption “As a partner of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team for 10 years, PETRONAS’ excellent fluid technology solutions provide it with a “winning formula” and help this “king of the king” win the team’s success for seven consecutive years. Riders double-material world champion.”

RonnieFei’s Weibo Posts

Photo Credits: RonnieFei/Weibo

How attractive and charming when one is knowledgeable on the fields of their passion and interests. In this post, he mentioned how the French TV station Canal produced an ultra-high-quality animation.

Photo Credits: RonnieFei/Weibo

Aside from sharing the latest trends in sports car racing, he also shares the latest news on the personalities and experts involved in this field of sports. He said, “Red Bull Motorsports consultant Dr. Helmut Marko believes that F1 should introduce driver salary budget caps as soon as possible because Lewis Hamilton’s salary is “too expensive for F1”.

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