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MY Influencer Isabelle Kwan Proved Simplicity is The Best

ATC | MY Influencer Isabelle Kwan isabelle-yt1Photo Credits: 6up

MY Influencer Isabelle Kwan (@isabelleyt) is an influencer who focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. And you’re lucky because you will get to know her here because she’s also ATC’s influencer of the week and the last featured influencer for the year 2020.

MY Influencer (@isabelleyt) is a Life Enthusiast

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A post shared by Isabelle Kwan (@isabelleyt)

Isabelle Kwan is a young beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She likes to dress in very simple yet elegant clothing in her daily life.

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A post shared by Isabelle Kwan (@isabelleyt)

Isabelle loves to eat so much that it is seen in her Instagram photos. But she also likes to exercise to maintain her petite and fit body.

Isabelle Kwan as a Malaysian Influencer

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A post shared by Isabelle Kwan (@isabelleyt)

MY Influencer Isabelle Kwan has a total of 151k followers on Instagram. In her IG account, she posts all her work-related content such as partnerships and promoting products or events. For example, she promoted the Kao Laurier earlier this year.

Kao Laurier is a sub-brand of Kao, a global chemical and cosmetics corporation from Tokyo, Japan. The brand established its mission of empowering women to live their life to the fullest. Their products are designed with Kao Japan’s advanced technology for dependable and high-quality sanitary protection products.

Kwan’s Dog is also an Influencer

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A post shared by Diffi ? (@diffibaby)

With her furmom being a famous influencer in Malaysia, her Shiba Inu dog named ‘Diffi’ is on its way to follow the steps of her furmom into becoming an influencer too. Check out its Instagram account here.

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Malaysia Influencers and “Dynamic Duo” Kampungboycitygal Join ATC!

ATC Influencer Marketing | Malaysia Influencer Kampungboycitygal

Want to know the best places to visit and the best food to eat in Kuala Lumpur? Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal (@kampungboycitygal) are sure to lead you to the right places!

Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal Join ATC! | Asia Travel Club

With their blogs featured in both local and international press such as The Star, Malay Mail, CNNGO, Travel+Leisure and New York Times, these Malaysia Influencers sure know how to create interesting stories and honest reviews.

Get to Know the Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal

The Malaysian Influencers Kampungboycitygal started their blogging journey as early as 2005. Debuting with an honest food blog, this “Dynamic Duo” now additionally features their travel blog and lifestyle stories.

Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal Join ATC! | Asia Travel Club
Wagyu meat from the Wagyu Restaurant. Photo from Kampungboycitygal.com.

Since then, they have grown to become one of Malaysia’s top food blogs.  At present, their website Kampungboycitygal.com generates impressive traffic of 4,000 unique visitors and 8,000 pageviews a day.

Their fans are also eager to see their food and travel adventures on Instagram @kampungboycitygal. Their Instagram followers now amount to 25.3k.

Malaysia Influencers on the World of Travel, Food, and Lifestyle

Kampungboycitygal gives you a dose of comprehensive travel reviews and detailed itinerary in one blog. The meticulously documented food review blogs and photos also keep their readers hungry!

Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal Join ATC! | Asia Travel Club
Baked Alaska Ice Cream Pie. Photo from Kampungboycitygal.com

For those searching the best food places in Kuala Lumpur, their blog gives you numerous options.

Aside from their blog, these Malaysian Influencers’ Instagram is full of insta-worthy shots. From adorable family pictures, picturesque sceneries, to mouth-watering food, Kampungboycitygal leaves their followers curious and delighted. This is what you expect from an Instagram social media influencer.



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Le Apple Boutique Hotel collaborates with China Influencer Liu Xi Lin

ATC Influencer Marketing | China Influencer Destination visiting Le Apple Boutique Hotel KLCC

Situated on a superb location that is just opposite the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, next to Avenue K shopping mall, KLCC LRT Station, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is Le Apple Boutique Hotel.

Travel141 | Le Apple Boutique Hotels Collaborates with China KOL via Influencer Marketing | 4
Photo Source: Destination·沿途旅行


In order to build an effective marketing strategy, Le Apple Boutique Hotel has taken the initiative to work closely with Asia Travel Club (ATC) via influencer marketing. The hotel successfully gets connected with China KOL that has 1 million over followers, LingLei Kong (@Destination·沿途旅行) under ATC’s #StayForStories program from ATC Messenger Social App.

Travel141 | Le Apple Boutique Hotels Collaborates with China KOL via Influencer Marketing | 3
Photo Source: Destination·沿途旅行

Coincidentally, this is also the season of durians, as LingLei Kong was invited to participate in Le Apple Boutique Hotel’s Stay and Eat-All You Can Durian Feast.

In exchange for a free stay, LingLei Kong has posted two Weibo post videos, explaining in details on his experience with Le Apple Boutique Hotel and the Stay and Eat-All You Can Durian Feast.

Travel141 | Le Apple Boutique Hotels Collaborates with China KOL via Influencer Marketing | 1
Photo Source: Destination·沿途旅行

A notable mention that LingLei Kong has never tried durian before this, and decide to challenge himself for a taste of Musang King Durians. In the video itself, he has also done a comparison of durians with an 80 years old cheese that he ate at his last trip to Italy.

Travel141 | Le Apple Boutique Hotels Collaborates with China KOL via Influencer Marketing | 2
Photo Source: Destination·沿途旅行

He also gets to have a quick chat with one of the owners of Le Apple Boutique Hotel Mr Wong and understand some useful information about durians, such as the traits of Musang King.

You can check out his post and his videos here and here.

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