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Sanitarium teams up with SG influencers

ATC | Sanitarium SG

Sanitarium SG, an Australian based food company, launched the 2020 So Good Campaign. They teamed up with a group of female influencers to promote Sanitarium’s Almond Milk. Offering a wide range of milk, cereals, and spreads, Sanitarium advocates for plant-based foods, and a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Take a look at why these influencers chose Sanitarium SG.

Choosing healthy with Sanitarium SG

Jaslyn Goh (@jaslyngoh)

Jaslyn is an entrepreneur from Singapore who founded Souley Green, a vegan and cruelty-free store that promotes her healthy lifestyle.

Using Sanitarium SG’s Almond Milk in making her smoothie recipes is a treat. She shares on Instagram that when having a “jam-packed schedule ahead, I love having my smoothie on-the-go”.

Audrey Tan (@audt)

Audrey is a mother of 3 and displayed her love for nutritious smoothies on Instagram. Posting her favorite Choc Banana recipe from So Good, saying “it’s especially yummy and super healthy with Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk”.

She also talks about how the smoothies are “Super easy to make, and taste yummy too” with Sanitarium SG’s Almond Milk. It makes the process of creating her own smoothies especially easy.

Tiong Jia En (@iamjiaen)

Jia En is a fitness trainer who is passionate about health and wellness. She posted her favorite So Good Chia Pudding recipe on Instagram and how she loves that it only takes 2 quick minutes to make. Sharing that “I am using So Good Almond Milk because it is made from almond nuts, a good source of calcium, vitamin B2, and B12.”

Jia En also mentions her preference to use Sanitarium SG’s almond milk to “reduce sugar intake”, saying that “Almond milk is as tasty as normal milk when mixed with the right ingredients!”.

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Malaysia Influencers and “Dynamic Duo” Kampungboycitygal Join ATC!

ATC Influencer Marketing | Malaysia Influencer Kampungboycitygal

Want to know the best places to visit and the best food to eat in Kuala Lumpur? Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal (@kampungboycitygal) are sure to lead you to the right places!

Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal Join ATC! | Asia Travel Club

With their blogs featured in both local and international press such as The Star, Malay Mail, CNNGO, Travel+Leisure and New York Times, these Malaysia Influencers sure know how to create interesting stories and honest reviews.

Get to Know the Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal

The Malaysian Influencers Kampungboycitygal started their blogging journey as early as 2005. Debuting with an honest food blog, this “Dynamic Duo” now additionally features their travel blog and lifestyle stories.

Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal Join ATC! | Asia Travel Club
Wagyu meat from the Wagyu Restaurant. Photo from

Since then, they have grown to become one of Malaysia’s top food blogs.  At present, their website generates impressive traffic of 4,000 unique visitors and 8,000 pageviews a day.

Their fans are also eager to see their food and travel adventures on Instagram @kampungboycitygal. Their Instagram followers now amount to 25.3k.

Malaysia Influencers on the World of Travel, Food, and Lifestyle

Kampungboycitygal gives you a dose of comprehensive travel reviews and detailed itinerary in one blog. The meticulously documented food review blogs and photos also keep their readers hungry!

Malaysia Influencers Kampungboycitygal Join ATC! | Asia Travel Club
Baked Alaska Ice Cream Pie. Photo from

For those searching the best food places in Kuala Lumpur, their blog gives you numerous options.

Aside from their blog, these Malaysian Influencers’ Instagram is full of insta-worthy shots. From adorable family pictures, picturesque sceneries, to mouth-watering food, Kampungboycitygal leaves their followers curious and delighted. This is what you expect from an Instagram social media influencer.

If you are an Influencer, Join our Team too!

We at Asia Travel Club (ATC) are delighted to have the globetrotters and foodies Kampungboyandcitygal on our growing team of influencers.

We can’t wait to see their future collaborations with our hotel partners. Moreover, hotels who are looking for influencers who can showcase their hotel in detail will find delight with this Dynamic Duo.

If you are an influencer looking for the opportunity to connect and collaborate with leading hotels across Asia, chat with us on Messenger at find out more! You can also get the chance to be a part of one of the best influencer marketing platform in Asia.

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5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers

ATC Influencer Marketing | Travel Kit for Travel Influencers

Whether you are a travel influencer, or you are preparing to be one soon, there is some essential travel kit that you must pack along for a pleasant trip. Most of them are pretty familiar, but God knows, we someone will always forget one or two. Let’s check them out 1-by-1.

Travel Kit #1 – Ziplock Bags

There are times when travel influencers would like to pack on their bathroom products and make sure it doesn’t spill all over their luggage. This is where ziplock bags prove their worthiness.

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | ziplock bag

Besides that, they can be used to pack foods, as well as beauty products and cosmetics. If the places they go don’t have laundry services, they can always use ziplock bags to pack their dirty and used clothes. It’s definitely a multi-purpose travel kit that you must bring at all times.

Travel Kit #2 – Reusable Water Bottle/ Tumbler

Needless to say, water is essential for survival. A water bottle that is portable and reusable (or preferably tumbler) is important for travel influencers that have to jump off locations from time to time.

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | tumbler

Make sure you don’t bring large water bottles that are hard to carry either in your handbag or backpack. A reusable one could make sure travel influencers are environmentally friendly by stop using plastic bottles.

Travel Kit #3 – Universal Adaptors/ Surge Protector

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | universal adapter

Perhaps the most common problem of all is the different sockets used by different countries. It can be problematic at times. So you have to get at least 2 universal adaptors for safety purposes.

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | surge protector

You might also want to bring along a surge protector as well. The amounts of electrical appliances that one need to use vary, but the likes of a phone charger or laptop charger are inevitable.

Travel Kit #4 – Clothes and Props

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | clothing

Clothing is important for travel influencers, that’s pretty much what makes them presentable. Often times, they will prepare more for a photo shoot. There are also props such as hats, scarfs, earrings and jewellery that brings out the best of them.

Travel Kit #5 Asia Travel Club Social App

If you want to get the latest travel news update, or a chance to get yourself a free night stay at one of Asia Travel Club (ATC) Hotel Partners, please make sure to download the ATC Social App.

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | ATC

ATC helps travel influencer to connect with hotels and resorts through influencer marketing. By participating in the #StaysForStories program, travel influencers could get connected with ATC Hotel partners all across Asia Region.

Travel141 | 5 Most Important Travel Kit For Travel Influencers | ATC Social App

Travel influencers can also participate in #ATCPowerShare, a project-based campaign that helps ATC members to accumulate ATCoins, where they can exchange ATCoins for free hotel night stays. It’s definitely a must-have travel kit for every travel influencer!

About Asia Travel Club

Asia Travel Club makes influencer management a breeze by leveraging social commerce and messaging platforms to provide a new engagement environment for influencers and travel brands across the ASEAN Economic Community, Greater China, Japan and South Korea.

Are you interested in harnessing your social influence to connect with our hotel partners across Asia for a free hotel stay? Request your sponsored stay now through Asia Travel Club Social App! Chat with us on Messenger at to find out more, or you could also join our Telegram here to get the latest stories update.


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