Smart Retailing with ATC Shop

ATC Smart Retail Shop

A hybrid of traditional shopping methods and Smart technologies – ATC Smart Retail Shop provides a self-management marketplace that re-defines the commercial space. ATC Smart Retail Shop leverages Smart Retailing to provide brands with the solution to give their consumers a more personalised, faster, and innovative shopping experience.

What is Smart Retailing?
“Smart retail is a term used to describe a set of smart technologies that are designed to give the consumer a greater, faster, safer and smarter experience when shopping.”
~ Net Guru Blog

Through Smart Retailing, brands can collect more data about their consumers and their shopping habits through artificial intelligence (AI) technology – from profiling their customers based on age, gender, and interest in products, to identifying the product that is popular among the rest, based on location, footfall traffic analytics, and more.

On the other hands, consumers too, can enjoy an enhanced retail experience with screens showing more information about the products they have picked, and be guided through the product discovery process simply with Smart technologies in place.

If you’re looking to kick-start Smart Retailing for your brand, get in touch with us today!

Partnership with ATC Smart Retail Shop

With ATC Smart Retail Shop, you will enjoy the following inclusions and more:

  • Video wall for ads, promotions, reviews and products demonstrations with audio control
  • Interactive screen for shoppers to engage with products for more information
  • Contest activities – participate in brand-related games, sign up for sampling or discount codes
  • Video Analytics – AI Reports on traffic, product engagement and shoppers’ interaction, product interests at the booth, with gender & age data

There’s more with ATC Smart Retail Shop to bring your brand and products to your customers and enjoy a “smarter” shopping experience!