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Smart Retailing with ATC to Enhance Shopping Experiences

Smart Retailing OMO with ATC Shop

There’s a new buzzword in shopping: Smart Retailing.

No one can deny the significant changes in how we live today, let alone how we consume or shop for either services or products. And because the world must go on despite the global challenges, we have advanced more and more into smart, and if possible, contactless processes. Today, we now have what we call smart retailing to further empower both customers and brands through a new enhanced shopping experience.

But what really is Smart Retailing?

Smart retail is a term that refers to the use of smart technologies to provide consumers with a smarter, faster, safer, and more convenient shopping experience. This does not eliminate traditional shopping but instead introduces digital solutions to enhance it. This is also the concept of Online-Merge-Offline (OMO), and it is a powerful strategy that empowers you to compete in the e-commerce market. With this, physical and digital channels are consolidated in retail to acquire a wide range of data in a single entity.

Yuan Skincare Smart Retailing with ATC

Since September this year, Yuan Skincare has set foot in smart retailing with Unity (a personal care store) through a booth. This is where they took advantage to offer their special deals, exciting gifts, prizes as well as Unity exclusive deals/offers and at the same time, ATC Smart Retail helped them amplify these activities and processes with smart ways and technologies. Check out Yuan Skincare’s successful booths from September till this month of November:

Smart Retailing Benefits Both Customers and Brands

Applying smart technologies into the retailing experience hit two birds in one stone. Your customers are as important as taking care of your brand, and vice versa.

Personalized Experience

A customized experience is always better for consumers because they feel valued. In order to understand their needs, you need smart ways to do customer listening. Setting up smart technologies can definitely help you with that. This could be useful for offering promos, specific recommendations, and more.

Smooth Process

Making customers wait is not the way to go, especially today as customers have many other options to switch to. Without smart technologies, manually operating would more likely put your brand in trouble when there is so much to accommodate. Let customers have the option to pay by themselves, self-checkout, virtually try on the products as well as view more information about each item using touch screens, QR, or barcode scanning.

Enhanced Safety

To ensure a secured shopping experience is more important today than ever. Digitalizing the processes in advance such as contactless payments can avoid waiting lines, close distancing with people, and risks with handing credit cards to another person.

Predict and Prescript Solutions

With the help of AI technologies, retailers can get valuable data to help improve their supply chain, layout, processes, and marketing strategy. AI can detect which products get more interest from which group of consumers through age, gender, or type. Smart retailing can enable brands to predict and use the available analytics to prescript solutions in advance. You may also use this in other channels such as social media, text messaging, and more.

Let’s Empower Your Brand with Smart Retailing

Meet your customers half way, or even better, more than half way! There are more benefits of smart retailing and we can customize it according to your brand’s needs. Create seamless transactions and shopping experiences with smart retailing all set up with ATC Shop.

Partnership with ATC Smart Retail

With ATC Smart Retail, you will enjoy the following inclusions and more:

  • Video wall for ads, promotions, reviews and products demonstrations with audio control
  • Interactive screen for shoppers to engage with products for more information
  • Contest activities – participate in brand-related games, sign up for sampling or discount codes
  • Video Analytics – AI Reports on traffic, product engagement and shoppers’ interaction, product interests at the booth, with gender & age data

Ready to set them up with us? For more information about our smart retailing service, get in touch with us now!

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