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ATC Reviews supports our clients in generating user reviews.

With more than 3,000 reviewers across China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, ATC will help brands recruit, manage and fulfill review campaigns via our Platform efficiently and effectively.


  • ATC Members – 3,000+ reviewers from China, Korea, Thai, Malaysia and Vietnam.
  • ATC review platform – Online access for marketers to view all applicants, selection and reporting.
  • Travel Focus 2022 – Koreans, Singaporeans and Malaysians reviewers.
  • Beauty Focus – Ecommerce Reviews

ATC Reviews Campaigns

ATC Review | Yuan Skincare

Yuan Skincare
ATC Reviews campaign on Ecommerce platform Shopee across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, with more than 1.2k positive reviews generated for the Singapore market (

ATC Review | Biore Whip Foam

Recruiting reviewers in Malaysia to try out the all-new Biore Whip Foam to Cream Speedy Makeup Remover and to share their reviews on their social media platforms.​

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