Influencer Marketing

ATC Influencer MarketingATC Influencer Marketing

Learn how to engage in effective influencer marketing with ATC, a specialty arm of Digital 38.

Services by ATC include the following.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Live Seller Marketing
  • Trial & Review Management Platform
  • Shopify FB Live Selling App
  • ATC Smart Retail
  • ATC Bookings – Hotel

Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

Businesses should never underestimate the ability of influencers to help their brands growth. In its simplest definition, influencer marketing is leveraging the connection influencers have on their followers.

And with the continued popularity of Ecommerce, social networking sites and other online platforms, there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

Its value for businesses have also increased exponentially over the years, with public organisations and departments also tapping influencers to reach out to their target audience, particularly today’s young generation, and spread the word around.

What is an Influencer?

Influencers on the internet are defined as individuals who can yield significant influence through online channels and platforms. They are also referred to as content creators or key opinion leaders.

Influencers can either have a small but dedicated group of followers or a large following base ranging from hundreds of thousands to million, each has the potential to bring more value to your brand.

Why ATC?

Effective influencer marketing strategy can result in a large number of sales if executed correctly. But it’s not quite that simple. As a member of the Digital 38 group, ATC has local teams ready to support your influencer marketing campaign around the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Let ATC connect your brand with over 3,000 Influencers across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Korea.

Product /Services Testimonials

  • Video: Video content such as but not limited to product demo, unboxing, “professionals” testimonials.
  • Live Streaming: Generate engagement or offers to gain real time leads.
  • Posting in Social Media: Creating content and posts to reach out to their followers. 
  • Partnering with Influencer: Influencer to create content that is featured on your company website, their website, or a third-party website.

Campaign Types

Share and promote your brand’s events not only to drive more sales but also reinforce customer loyalty.

  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Promotion Events

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