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7 Luxury Watch Influencers You Should Follow

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Luxury influencers often dressed themselves up with clothing, make-up, skincare products and many more. However, Luxury Watch influencers are on a higher level because some of them are watch collectors, influencers and sometimes both. Here are 7 Luxury Watch Influencers you should follow.

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1. Singapore’s Vincent Ng (@horobromance)

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A post shared by 🇸🇬 Vincent Ng (@horobromance)

Vincent Ng is one of the famous watch collectors and influencer in Singapore. He shares his horological & automotive passion through his Instagram account. He has 15.9k followers and he usually take pictures of his personal collection of watches. His collection consists of watches from Maitres du Temps, Dior, Adidas, Rolex, Patek Philippe and many more. Check it out here.

2. Korea’s 조미토 (JMT) (@paneraipamily_watchrocks)

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A post shared by 조미토 JMT / WatchLover (@paneraipamily_watchrocks)

조미토 (JMT) is a watch collector and influencer from South Korea. He has 11.1k followers on Instagram and loves watches as well. JMT said that he is the author of the hashtags #watchrocks & #paneraipamily & #everypaneraitellsastory. Check out his luxury watch collection here.

3. Thailand’s Godji Channel

Godji Channel is a famous gadget reviewer and influencer from Thailand. Their YouTube content has diverse content such as children, toys, technology, knowledge and entertainment. They mostly give their reviews on famous smart watches available in Thailand. He has 45.4k followers on their YouTube Channel. Check out more of his content here.

4. Vietnam’s Misoa (@misoa)

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A post shared by ☆ M I S O A ☆ (@misoa)

Misoa is an actress and a beauty and luxury influencer in Vietnam. She was at VJ at MTV Vietnam and also a TV Host. Misoa has 133k followers on Instagram, where she posts most of her work-related photos. She may not be a watch collector but she is one of Daniel Wellington’s ambassadors in Vietnam. Check out her photos with the famous watch brand – Daniel Wellington.

5. Japan’s Megumi (@megukiss0517)

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A post shared by ˚✧₊⁎M e g u m i˚✧₊⁎ (@megukiss0517)

Megumi is a beauty/luxury influencer from Japan. She is also a beauty advisor with 91.9k followers on Instagram. She recently promoted Lobor watch on her IG account in which she said:

“Nyao 🐱➰

A fusion of beauty and minimalism

Let me ✨ watch brand

(LOBOR) From Rover 💕➰

@loborjapan 💁‍♀️➿⌚️✨”

Check out Megumi’s photos here.

6. Malaysia’s Kid Inn (@kidinn___)

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A post shared by Kid Inn 🇲🇾 (@kidinn___)

Kid Inn is a luxury influencer from Malaysia. He has 187k followers on Instagram and he worked with G-Shock last month. He is a part of Key Entertainment in Malaysia and a part of WE Channel 唯一频道. Check out his page here.

7. China’s 腕表说 Watch Says

Screenshot Photo: 腕表说 Watch Says/Weibo

This influencer from China has 885k followers on Weibo. Watch Says, shares only the best watch products she knows, such as Tag Heuer, Cartier, Tissot, Vacheron Constantine and many more. Check out her Weibo account for more details.

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